I always thought I hated golf. It was one of those guy things; boring, sluggish, nothing there for me. So when my husband offered me the opportunity to learn the game later in life, I surprised myself and jumped on it. I never thought we would survive the first lesson. Men and women just do not understand things the same way. I assumed it would be a doomed venture from the start. And then something happened, despite lots of failures and frustration, I was hooked. I could not get enough. What was once something “The Master” did on Sunday, became my obsession.

Now golf is not the easiest hobby to make time for.  This is why men have tried to keep its wonder such a big secret. But it is more than just an escape or game that takes a long time. It is a fabulous study of beauty and balance. It is teasing a first class performance out of a stationary ball; stroking it and coaxing it to the hole. You do this over and over again during the course of a round of golf, hopefully without losing your mind. It is a test of endurance and wits. You must solve puzzles, prescribe fixes for the messes you find yourself in and execute movements that help you succeed in a what appears to be a seemingly simple task. Did I say I could not get enough??

So that’s me. I’m a slut. Any time, any place, any weather –if I can fit it in and afford it, I’m playing golf. I’m on a quest to improve my game and show the boys and girls alike that everyone needs the mental and physical benefits that this fabulous game has to offer.