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Bah Om

It’s coming on Christmas and I’ve been working like one of Santa’s elves: shopping, baking, wrapping, cleaning, baking, cooking, wrapping….you get the picture. I do the big dinner and spread every year. But I busted all records Saturday just so I could play golf Sunday. It was great! Golf the Sunday before Christmas. I shot a 46 on the front 9, not bad for a lady with no distance. We were at 42 degrees, definitely fleece weather. The sun was shining and highlighted the delicate natural beauty of the winter golf scape. While some hazards become more challenging — hardpan sand traps; others less so — bare trees. The low sun makes balls extremely difficult to see, but lends an eerie crystal light that sharpens every edge in this icy atmosphere. How perfect to find the mental mind set, almost meditative, void of noise and vivid color.
The lack of company, because for most golf is a fair weather game, accentuates the calm quiet. This lady thrives on empty courses. Bah humbug! to the cold when the stroke is there. Defining every shot, decisive and confident. It is transcending to play in this arena. This is not the climate for everyone and I hesitate to recommend it to the masses as I enjoy the solitude. The cold may be a fierce-some deterrent to some, but from setup to execution, it works for me.
Even more so, there is a real need to find peace this season. I used to love to take a hike in the woods several times each year, particularly the winter. Kind of a reset for the psyche. It is my way to center myself in the universe again, especially when it seems terribly wonky. A focused walk on a beautiful golf landscape, with heightened concentration on good play, fills me with humility and gratitude as well.  How fortunate am I to have this fabulous day. To find myself in harmony in the midst of so much chaos. This is a way that life is good. To play golf, and to play well, two days before Christmas, is all a golf slut could ask for.
Soon enough, I enter again into Christmas madness, grateful to to be able to share the spirit with family and friends. How grand to navigate the rest of the way holding onto a little bit of my Christmas golfing zen. (12/23/12)

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