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How cold is too cold?

I haven’t been writing. I’ve been procrastinating by playing golf in very cold temperatures and then blaming that for not writing. Sometimes though, even for a golf slut, it is just too cold.

I live in Northern New Jersey and play in the North-West counties. We had winter for Halloween and since then it has been unseasonably warmish until this weekend. With some re-purposed ski clothing and some modern fleece it is possible to stay warm and flexible enough to survive 18 holes in the elements around here. A wool hat and a pair of inuslated golf gloves are a must. Stark landscape and quiet, uncrowded fairways make for a peaceful golfing experience. Forty degrees is about my comfort limit. Maybe a little colder if it is very sunny. But even then it can be too cold.

Even if the air is tolerable the ground may not be. If the ground is frozen, you will have to wait until frost is gone to play. Days are short enough in the winter, and a late start increases the likelihood of racing through the last few holes of the day as temperatures quickly drop. If the ground is frozen, there will be ice and it will be “cart path only” everywhere, exposing you to the North Wind and other inhospitable companions as you hike back and forth across the fairway to play your ball. If the ground is frozen, you will have to use shorter tees guaranteeing inconsistent placement and fat and topped shots all day long.

But worst of all, if the ground is frozen hard as a rock, the greens will be akin to concrete. I promise you that I will hit more GIR (greens in regulation), in other words play some really great golf, only to see my balls bounce 20 feet in the air and yards and yards away, some perhaps never to be seen or heard from again.

All things considered, that worst of all was the final deal breaker. It is the shaft that breaks my back and convinces me that I may just not enjoy myself on the golf course today. So, until temperatures temperate, this is where I’ll hibernate (whine). This is where I’ll play.

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