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It’s OK to be “Out of Bounds”

If you are going to play a lot of golf, you need a funds source for greens fees. I combine my love for horse racing with a horse playing hobby and generate these funds by winning more often than not. I do not make tons of money. But, from a few hundred dollars wagered on the Triple Crown races and then subsequent days at the track, I make enough to keep me in tee times.

I was especially excited today when reviewing the schedule for the Kentucky Derby Futures Bets. Not so much to plan a wager, as to start to become familiar with this spring’s real contenders. Behold a video replay of the Shams Stakes run in Arcadia, California on January 7th. Check out 10/1 longshot, “Out of Bounds” in this small field one mile race:

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All five horses are packed together, a microcosm of the Derby’s large field. This horse is hugging the rail. When he needs to make his move he wedges between his opponents, and completes the trifecta with the leaders. In the last three eighths, he turns it on and passes the favorite to win the race. These are all skills that will enhance a Derby contender’s chances of being in the money this spring.

I’ve spent over two years learning how to stay “in bounds”. Some of my best golf is still played from the rough, because I’ve had so much experience rescuing my balls from the tall grass. But after that look-see today, I say, “It’s OK to be “Out of Bounds”.



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